In-Lobby Solutions

From the moment of check-in we capture the visitor’s attention with card displays, digital signage and print publications at the front desk.

  • Card Displays – There will always be a place for grab-and-go information where everything you need to know fits in the palm of your hand. Visitors love our little cards because they fit in a pocket or purse. Hotels love the display because it’s well-designed, well-maintained and has a tiny footprint in their lobby.
  • Digital Signage – Our 3-zone flatscreen monitors mounted in a lobby location allow each property to highlight in-house events, share the weather forecast, direct guests to banquet rooms and facilities and provide promotional content with banner ads. It’s completely customizable and easy to edit.
  • Dining Guides – Hotel front desk staff answer the same question 100 times a day: “Where’s a good place to eat?” Our full-color dining guide is filled with menus from local restaurants, wineries, breweries and specialty food shops. It is a free publication for hotels and guests.

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