Traverse Traveler knows size matters

Our cards are small

Travelers love our cards because they fit in a pocket or purse. Brochures, magazines and maps are too bulky to carry, and hit the trash before leaving the room.

Our displays are small

Our desktop displays get preferential placement in hotels because they fit on a front desk. But it’s the quality of our unique little cards that gets you noticed. With only 30 spots in the display, we limit the options to increase your visibility. And our professional design services make sure you look good.

The value is big

We distribute cards in 3 counties, 70 locations across northwestern Michigan. AND we’ll take you mobile with a fully enhanced listing on the Traverse Traveler app.

32,000 downloads and counting

Traverse Traveler is now available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. All card advertisers also receive a custom listing on the Traverse Traveler app including photos, business description, web links, social media and more! Why go mobile? Because your customers have.

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